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AeroBloom®️ is a proprietary, patent-pending aeroponics cultivation system that reliably achieves 2-3x the crop yields of leading hydroponics methods used in commercial cannabis cultivation, and produces higher-quality harvests. Due to an increased speed of maturity during the flowering cycle, AeroBloom systems also allow for one additional crop cycle per year!

Our Founder/CTO Dale Devore has spent the last 30 years persistently refining his aeroponics growing systems – innovating them to produce higher and higher yields. Our core proprietary technology has been continuously yielding cannabis crops usually over 4lbs/1000W light for the past decade.

AeroBloom®️ systems will be used in nearly all forms of agriculture from vegetables and fruits, to coffee, to hemp and cannabis growing — our system produces at least twice the yield of any hydroponics cultivation systems with all crops that have been tested so far.

Technology is the solution to society’s concern for our future food security issues. In many parts of the world, harsh environmental conditions due to climate change are making traditional farming practices increasingly problematic.

We invite you to learn more about our company, and to contact us if we can assist you in any way.