AeroBloom®️ is a proprietary, patent-pending aeroponics system that reliably achieves at least double the crop yield of hydroponic cultivation. AeroBloom uses 40%-90% less water than hydroponics or traditional farming practices and produces a higher-quality harvest with one additional crop cycle per year.

The future of Agriculture is indoors. Climate change can be seen in the melting Arctic permafrost, Alaskan heat waves, and in the more temperate regions where enduring drought has created severe water shortages. Our own Sunbelt states are finding it necessary to impose a moratorium on new agriculture and to limit water usage by existing farms. Earth’s atmosphere that had protected us from the heat and burning radiation of the Sun is disappearing. Already, temperatures in areas of our country are setting new record highs and rapidly becoming dangerous to all living things. Outdoor agriculture may be impossible in as soon as 5 years.

Technology is the solution to growing food for our population as well as for larger populations in other parts of the world where climate change has had a far more disturbing impact.

AeroBloom®️ systems can be used in all forms of agriculture from vegetables and fruits, to coffee, to hemp and cannabis growing — our system produces at least twice the yield of any other indoor system.

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