Darren Walz
Chief Executive Officer

Darren Walz is a serial entrepreneur with past successes in retail and marketing. In 2009, he launched his own successful apparel company. In 2013, he was introduced to Dale Devore and the two decided to co-invest in founding a luxury dispensary. Darren managed the dispensary that went on to be one of the largest in Riverside County California with over 40 employees, 15,000 customers and over $7,500,000 in annual revenue. In 2016, Dale and Darren decided to leave the dispensary behind and broaden their focus to use their proprietary aeroponics system to grow a variety of crops and try to find a solution to the issues that they were passionate such a food security and climate change.

Dale Devore
Chief Innovation Officer

Dale has been growing crops and developing aeroponics systems for over 30 years and is the “creative genius” behind Aerobloom’s proprietary technology. In 1997, Dale was approached by Richard Stoner, widely known as the father of modern aeroponics. Mr. Stoner was receiving funding from NASA to develop aeroponics systems that astronauts could use to grow crops in space without the benefit of soil. At the time Dale was using his own systems to grow crops. For several years they compared notes together and Mr. Stoner often referred to Dale as his only true competitor in the field of aeroponic development. Since that time, a number of competitors have approached Dale to review their aeroponics system and according to Dale, all of them are still using the basic technology that he was using over 30 years ago.

Kevin McDoneld
Chief Technical Officer

A natural innovator and problem solver, he has experience that spans more than 25 years of engineering, team and project management. Management of worldwide Engineering Team across 5 continents with a hands-on approach. Development of Predictive Analytic algorithms to support leading edge projects in predictive performance, predictive maintenance, and predictive failure. Creation of AI data-gathering algorithms to support AI initiatives for various equipment, apparatus and systems. Predictive Analytics engineering and AI innovation in the agricultural, offshore oil and gas, shipping fields, and for the US Navy. Mechanical, piping and HVAC system engineering and design for automated agricultural systems, oil exploration and drilling, ships, military, NASA, and other land and sea industries has been the focus for most of his professional career.

Liam Corcoran

Liam Corcoran has extensive legal and business experience and is currently a partner of a multi-disciplinary legal practice with an emphasis on property insurance and related litigation. Mr. Corcoran currently holds a number of positions as Director and CEO of Canadian publicly traded companies. As a former CEO, Mr. Corcoran oversaw the successful acquisition of a biotechnology company for over $30 million, resulting in a peak market cap over $200 million and $20 million in access to non-dilutive government grants. Mr. Corcoran has widespread experience in all areas of the public markets, including restructuring, financing, M&A and due diligence. Mr. Corcoran obtained his Juris Doctorate from Thompson Rivers University Law School and holds an undergraduate degree from McGill University.

Nick Luksha

Nick is the managing partner of Tesoro Capital Partners and has over 18 years of business experience as an owner, senior management, and in capital markets as a Director, President, and Executive Vice President of private and publicly traded companies. Throughout his career, Nick has been a leader in numerous sectors including real estate development, investment, asset management, technology, franchising, & building management teams to help small to medium sized businesses achieve controlled growth. He has considerable experience providing access to capital for high-growth businesses worldwide. Nick’s vast network of value-add capital sources include High Net Worth retail investors, family offices, institutional investors, and broker/dealers. Having operated across Canada, the USA, and Latin America, Nick has cultivated a sophisticated approach to a diverse range of professional environments.


Ted Warriolow

Mr. Warrilow has 34 years of international business experience. Over the decades he has conducted due diligence and structured transactions all over the globe, including a $6 billion merger involving the laws of the U.S., Germany, France and Spain. As Director of Tax for a cylindrical solar power start-up Solyndra he worked with the senior management team to develop the start-up company’s rapidly expanding international business with Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Australia, U.K., India, Greece, and Spain. Working as an eBay tax executive embedded within the PayPal senior management team, he was responsible for advising the PayPal management team on all tax matters relating to the Americas (Canada, U.S., Mexico, Central and South America) and the Emerging Markets.

Tammy Onedera

Tammy has over 20 years of consultative sales and marketing experience; selling complex services directly to C-suite executives and business owners. During her years of employment, she often found herself as the first or only female sales director which she used as opportunities to not only surpass sales quotas, but also break gender norms at the time. Tammy graduated from the University of Michigan and also attained a MBA with a concentration in Marketing and Leadership. She has proven very adept at qualitative analysis, comprehensive research, and business stratagems/strategies.

Shiro Onedera

Shiro is the co-founder and President of Seraphim Analytics based in Nashville, TN. The boutique, niche data firm has been an integral part of six mergers and acquisitions totaling over $2.1 billion. While others were focused on making big data even bigger, he was seeing the value in small-batch, finely crafted data sets which yielded a higher ROI for his clients and partners. His methods, while unique, are still prized by his Fortune 500, venture capital, start-up, celebrity and non-profit clientele. Shiro grew up in Memphis, TN and earned his bachelor’s degree in cultural geography at East TN State University. Seraphim Analytics has pledged to provide highly optimized data to Aeroponics Integrated Systems as catalysts for sales, marketing and competitor intelligence so that shareholders and partners can realize substantial and sustainable returns.

Dr. Robert Goldman

Dr. Goldman brings two decades of experience as a scientist, science educator and laboratory leader to Aerobloom. Dr. Goldman did his undergraduate studies at University of California Santa Cruz, earning a B.A. in Biology with a focus in genetics. After graduating, Dr. Goldman moved on to the biotech industry, first working in immunochemistry, then moving onto Kosan Biosciences, where he was part of a team that helped develop a novel anti-cancer agent. Dr. Goldman eventually moved on to pursue his doctoral degree in evolutionary microbiology at the University of Houston. Dr. Goldman’s dissertation work, funded by NASA and the Texas Space Grant Consortium, focused on the evolutionary mechanisms of radiation resistance in microorganisms as part of an attempt to understand how bacteria would respond on Mars and other extreme environments.

Sully Jacques

Sully Jacques has over 10 years of experience in investment banking advisory and international financing. Sully is currently working with Nexpedia Holdings which provides capital advisory services to lower middle market biotechnology firms in South Korea and the United States. Sully Jacques also occupied the position of Chief Operating Officer for Axiom Care Group, which operated assisted living care facilities in Arizona. As the Chief Operating Officer, Sully helped in the development of the intergenerational care model which provided an alternative approach to respite care. Before forming Axiom Care, Mr. Jacques worked as a General Scientist for the Food & Drug Administration for over six years where he helped form the food advisory committees that went on to investigate Escherichia coli and the harm of acrylamide to foods.