The Future of Aerobloom

Aerobloom intends to construct a state-of-the-art greenhouse capable of growing tomatoes and bell peppers and has already secured a 4-acre indoor cultivation site in San Bernadino California. At the same time, Aerobloom will develop and implement AI software and robotics that will allow the company to scale rabidly and produce crops in large quantities.
Aerobloom Brand & Partnerships

Aerobloom’s goal is to educate the world about the benefits of aeroponics and create a global brand by partnering with large wholesale distributors and retailers. Aerobloom also intends to form local partnerships with farm to table restaurants and set up chef tastings all in order to expand our footprint into a globally recognized brand that is helping the environment while also producing the highest quality crops.


Ongoing Research & Development

Along with our goal of producing the world’s first USDA certified organic aeroponic tomatoes and bell peppers, Aerobloom also intend to continue research and development on using the Aerobloom system to produce a variety of other crops such as coffee, squash, strawberries, pumpkins and many more.

The Present

We have secured a 4-acre facility for cultivation to grow and distribute to local suppliers, located in San Bernardino, California.

Our aeroponics technology works very well with bell pepper and tomato cultivation and are very confident on a good yield and high production rate.

What’s Next


Aerobloom is actively working to secure land to construct a state-of-the-art greenhouse capable of growing bell peppers and tomatoes with the Aerobloom aeroponics technology. We believe that 12 months after completion we will be outputting harvest yields in excess of 3,470,707 lbs of grown crops.

We plan to expand our facilities to grow a variety of vegetable types  including squash, strawberries, coffee and more! We have a Trademark brand application into the US government with the ability to distribute our produce directly to retailers

Aerobloom Growth


Aerobloom has designed proprietary software currently under development. Aerobloom recently brought Kevin McDoneld onboard as Chief Technology Officer. For 25 years Kevin has been engineering hardware and software products for NASA, GE, and major oil companies based on his extensive knowledge of artificial intelligence, machine-learning, predictive analytics, and robotics. 

The software’s interface will be accessible via computer and mobile device application. It will show the specific layout of aeroponic systems in each grow facility. Multiple sensors in each root chamber and across various components of the system will utilize cloud technology to feed live data to the software. This will enable the software to show vital indicators such as pump status, atomizer status, pH, nutrient content, water temperature, room temperature, CO2, root zone oxygen, and humidity.